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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Rick Gmitro

Thoughts from Rick

I assume you're here for one reason - to find the best possible photographer! The people I would choose to join me on my most important day would have to be spectacular. 42 is the creation of everything that I could possibly fathom when it comes to the perfect photography. I'd want passionate, creative, positive people on my day who want nothing more than to add fun, excitement and gorgeousness to every moment I'll experience. I suggest we pop a bottle of bubbles and start dreaming together. Let's talk about everything we love and how we want that to be immortalized in our lives. I know why the answer is 42 and you will too. 


Thoughts from Reyna

I love having a camera in my hand. Looking at pictures is fun for me. I can look at beautiful Instagram's all day long. Rick jokingly makes fun of me for it. But it's also what he loves about me. I see inspiration all around the world. I want to go everywhere and capture life in every moment. And while we are wedding photographers based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul - Minnesota, we also love traveling to wherever your wedding may be! As destination wedding photographers, the world is our canvas and there isn't any location that won't inspire us! You will find me near ballet studios (I love to dance), coffee shops or in some random park with Rick as we play around with ideas that we think will change the world. I hope to capture intimate moments in ways that have never been done before.

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