Chris + Shannon | Mexico Destination Wedding

Being a destination wedding photographer is an interesting thing.  It's a unique skill set beyond just being "great" at photography.  We must be prepared in knowing how to accustom our lenses to the humid temperatures, how to create magic even if it's torrential downpours, get through customs with what border patrols typically think is "too much tech" stuff (especially when we have drones in our suitcases), and deal with many other things that come up.  

Mastering these challenges, has allowed us to create art and stories that our couples treasure forever.  We feel confident at the end of the day that our mission of creating experiences that liberate our couples and bring them closer to each other while we capture their passion through photography and videography, whether their wedding be in Croatia, Minneapolis, or Iceland.  

Destination Wedding Photography Riviera De maya
Mexico Destination wedding photography